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“This is my dirt.” she humbly says. A Henderson State University/Ellis College of Arts & Sciences Alumni, Anna moved back from Dallas, TX earlier this year after being in the great beyond 20 yrs. During her walk-about, she has shared the stage with Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Radney Foster, Texas Country heart throb Deryl Dodd, Blues Legend Gerry Moss, and opened for several country and rock artists from Little Big Town to Uncle Kracker.

A favorite recording musician in Dallas, Austin & Houston, led her to many touring opportunities in the US and Internationally. Prior to her return, she was coaching & developing artists, including producing & managing up and coming talent for UltraxRecords & Septien School of Contemporary Music, both located in Dallas. But she hasn’t always been living the dream…

This pierced, tattooed, ripped-up jean wearing rocknroll evangelist gave up the corporate rat race, as the first step to her liberation. Although professionally performing & coaching “on the side” for several years to a full time job, life just wasn’t quite right. “I grew a pair about 5 yrs back and finally put down the corner office. I wasn’t living anymore, my purpose wasn’t being fulfilled. Yeah, I was playing but my soul weighed less. It wasn’t until I made the decision to go into music full time that I kinda felt delivered…”


Anna "Boss Lady" - Shine Soaked Vocals
& Multi Instrumentalist

As we all know, the music industry is a balance of disappointments and victories, you hope for more of the latter & learn how to deal with the rest along the way. Loaded with attitude and a fair temperament, Anna’s no stranger to the duality of being an artist ~ even the darkness that resides inside each musician. "As an artist sometimes you are bathed in glory & sometimes your faith is shaken, its our nature. Its a love hate relationship. *laughs* Its what wrestles me out of bed at 3am with lyrics burning down the walls of my mind or sometimes its completely absent from me, and I cant seem to do anything right, nothing! You’re taken to the highest places you can imagine and the next you’re in the lowest depths even nightmares seem tame."



Greg "KILLER" - Lead Guitar, BGV

A military personality test dub'd him the name "Killer".  Gee - we should never piss him off when he's hold'n a shotgun!

Originally from Dallas, TX, Greg started playing guitar at the tender age of 15. Heavily influenced by such blues greats and rock legends as B.B. King, Leslie West, Eric Clapton, Neal Schon and Billy Gibbons, he took these styles and made them into his own. Greg's ammo of 25+ yrs of sound engineering experience, management, custom guitars and Marshall amps, delivers his tone & attitude.  He measures well above his nickname...Lady Killer, is prolly more like it.

Photo Credit: Michelle Yezak


An Arizona desert transplant, Carl brings swagger & load'd guns to the stage.  With 30 yrs exp in the biz, from music to tour security, he's been dubbed, "The Enforcer", and this tall drink of water is not to be messed with!  But dont get us wrong, he's got a soft side too. This gentle giant, will politely ask you to step outside, before he kicks your need to spill the moonshine - which he brewed by the way! read that right folks - he's our Master Distiller in the mafia distillery.  And a damn good one too!!

Carl is a multi instrumentalist & sings ridiculous harmonies - he lays it down heavy in the band…completing a wicked solid rhythm section. If he's not on stage, he's up on the hill firing up the still, swig'n shine & keep'n time!  Load'd pistol in one hand, mason jar in the other...

Cliff 'DRUMMERBOY' Aaron - Drums/BGV
Photo Credit: MsCameraLady

Arkansas Homegrown - A self-taught pastor's son, Cliff “Drummerboy” Aaron has spent the last 21 years honing his craft.  Doing the Lord's work in the Devil's seat, he brings salvation to the mafia!  He's one of the most talked about and sought-after drummers in the region!  Understandably so, this dude's got serious cred...being Victor Wooten's right hand man for clinics to tours & performances with Beyonce, Casey Donahew, Dierks Bentley, B.B. King, Luke Bryan and more! 

He's also an incredible producer & lends his mad skills by greatly influencing the regions' music industry, as CEO of DRUMMERBOYINFINITY. 

Cliff’s drumming influences include: Vinnie Colaiuta, Dave Weckl, Dennis Chambers, Steve Gadd, and musical influences from Sting, Brecker Brothers, Nora Jones, Steely Dan, and Everton Blender; this vast genre of musical taste has given him the enact ability to add groove & texture to any style of music.

He has been featured in various notable venues across the nation; House of Blues - NYC, LA, Dallas & New Orleans, Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas, KING BISCUIT BLUES FEST, The Brooklyn Bowl in Brooklyn, New York, The Church in Boston, showcases for the William Morris Group in Nashville, The Sundance Film Festival in Salt Lake City with Outlaw Nation.  And is currently the featured drummer on the mafia's good friend Matt Stell's 2014 debut album release, “A River Through It”.  

Cliff's Golden Rule is the “Pocket First” and his live performances are something to witness! TESTIFY!